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This skincare treatment uses different wavelengths of light to target various skin problems. This treatment improves the look of aging skin, acne, and sun damage. Different lights have different unique properties. Each type of wavelength penetrates different layers of the skin to resolve various conditions.

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Client Receiving Photocare Therapy Facial Treatment

The Benefits

  • Blue Light:
    Fibroblast stimulation, which increases collagen production, restoring cell structure
  • Green Light:
    – Penetrates epidermis and dermal capillary, stimulating healthy skin metabolism and boosts overall skin health
    – Reduces melanin production, which reduces pigmentation and blemishes
  • Yellow Light:
    – Improves lymphatic function and blood circulatory system, which enhances wound healing and reduces inflammation
    – Aids in skin scar and wound recovery from exposed skin pimples, cell recovery
  • Red Light:
    – Absorbed by all skin layers, with highest efficiency in regenerative properties
    – Stimulates cell metabolism, enhancing cell circulation and healthy skin renewal
    – Greatly increases collagen production

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