Sensitive Skin PROBLEMS

Redness, Flushing and Itching
A close-up of a young woman lying down, showing redness and flushing on her face. She wears a pink head cover. An inset magnifies a section of her irritated skin, highlighting the texture and redness.

Symptoms Of

Redness, Flushing and Itching

Skin redness, facial flushing, and itching collectively denote heightened skin sensitivity and potential underlying issues. Redness and flushing indicate increased blood flow, often triggered by stimuli like emotions, temperature changes, or skin irritation. Itching typically accompanies these symptoms, signaling potential inflammation or allergic reactions.

Cause Of

Redness, Flushing and Itching
  • Indicates an increased blood flow to the skin’s surface, resulting in visible redness and flushing.
  • Caused by factors like temperature changes, stress, alcohol consumption, or underlying conditions.
  • Often accompanied by sensations of heat or discomfort, affecting overall skin tone and appearance.

Best Treatments For

Redness, Flushing and Itching
  • Detox O2 Oxy Cleanse
  • 50% Plant Cell Face Lift
  • 100% Plant Cell Hydra Lift
  • 100% Goat Cell Lumi Lift