Milia (Oil Clogs, Whiteheads)
A close-up image of a person with milia, oil clogs, and whiteheads condition. An inset magnifies a section of the skin, showing the texture and appearance of the whiteheads and oil clogs.

Symptoms Of

Milia (Oil Clogs, Whiteheads)

Milia are small, white or yellowish bumps that commonly appear on the skin, particularly on the face. They form when keratin, a protein found in the skin, becomes trapped beneath the surface, forming small cysts.

Cause Of

Milia (Oil Clogs, Whiteheads)
  • Small, raised bumps on the skin that develop when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface.
  • Often caused by factors like clogged pores, excessive sun exposure, or using heavy skincare products.
  • Can be difficult to remove and may require professional extraction or specialized treatments.

Best Treatments For

Milia (Oil Clogs, Whiteheads)
  • Detox O2 Oxy Cleanse
  • 50% Plant Cell Face Lift
  • 100% Plant Cell Hydra Lift
  • 100% Goat Cell Lumi Lift
  • Scrubber Deep Exfoliation
  • Milia Extraction