Acu Care 艾灸

Traditional 艾灸 (ài jiǔ) treatment, commonly known as moxibustion, is a form of therapy rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It involves burning dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) near lymphatic points on the body to stimulate circulation and promote healing. The burning mugwort generates heat and releases beneficial compounds believed to penetrate the skin and affect the flow of qi (vital energy) and blood in the body’s meridian pathways. Moxibustion is often used to alleviate pain, boost immunity, address menstrual issues, and treat various health conditions in TCM.

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The Benefits

  • The most effective way to restore vitality and replenish physical energy
  • Warm the meridians and dispel cold, strengthen the movement of Qi and blood in the body, and balances body immunity
  • Removes toxins and relieves heat, dissipates cold and induces heat, and regulates the functionality of body organs
  • Beautify and nourish the skin, balance Qi and blood circulation

The Body’s Meridian points
And Functions

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Central Nervous System - Da Zhui 大椎穴

The starting point for the accumulation of yang energy in the human body is also the reflection area of health for head, neck, and blood circulation.

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Central Nervous System - Da Zhui 大椎穴

Responsible for shoulder and neck pain, stiffness, and migraines. Highly susceptible to cold, cramps and soreness.

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Respiratory - Tian Zong 天宗穴

Cold shoulder joint pain, mastitis, respiratory inflammation, wheezing, and other breathing related issues.

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Upper Body Organs - Zhong Wan 中脘穴

This node regulates health of the chest area digestive system, improves gastrointestinal and abdominal problems, and is related to constipation and acne.

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Spinal System - Ming Men 命门

The central lymphatic node for regulating Qi within the body, supports overall body function and detoxification.

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Gynaecology - Shen Shu 肾俞穴

Circulation and health of organs around waist and kidneys, particularly the female and male reproductive organs.

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Digestion and Gastro - Qi Hai 气海穴

Strengthen the reflex parts of digestive function, improve gastrointestinal bloating, cold belly, and help sleep.

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Glutes and Buttocks - Ba Liao 八髎穴

A central node around the glutes, where the nerves and blood vessels that control the pelvic internal organs converge.

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Front Knees and Legs - Xue Hai 血海穴

Area below the knee which manages blood circulation in the knee joint and cold feelings or discomfort in the legs.
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Knee Front and Waist - Wei Zhong 委中穴

Joint parts of the knees and legs, improving waist soreness and leg pain, cold waist, and leg pain.

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Calves and Stomach - Zu San Li 足三里

The longest node stretching from feet to rest of the body and head, connected to the 膀胱经. Regulates blood circulation, blood pressure, and metabolism.

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Feet to Full Body Blood Circulation - Yong Quan 涌泉穴 (膀胱经)

The longest node stretching from feet to rest of the body and head, connected to the 膀胱经. Regulates blood circulation, blood pressure, and metabolism.

Acu-Point Chart


  • Chinese Angelica Root 当归
    Blood circulation, detoxifies bloodstream, nourishes blood
  • Astralagus Root 黄芪
    Nourishes “Qi” in body, circulates lung and spleen meridian
  • San Qi Root 三七
    Disperses blood stasis (Blood obstruction or low flow of blood), relieving pain, stopping bleeding, and hematopoiesis
  • Eucommia Bark 杜仲
    • Nourish liver and kidney
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Cures soreness and weakness in waist and knees
  • Cinnamon Twig 桂枝
    • Relieves muscle pain
    • Widens blood vessel channels, stimulate blood circulation and dissipate muscle knots
  • Agarwood Bark 沉香
    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Nourishes “Qi” in body
    • Relieves muscle aches or pain
  • Mastic Tree Resin 乳香
    Nourishing for heart meridian, liver meridian and spleen meridian
  • Saffron and Asarum Plant 藏红花 / 细辛
    • Promotes blood circulation and warms the lungs preventing respiratory issues
    • Cools body and detoxifies blood
    • Nourishes liver Qi, nourishes liver and kidneys
  • Angelica Dahurica Root 白芷
    • Remove spleen dampness(湿气)
    • Prevent high blood pressure
    • Promote lipolysis (Breakdown of fatty acids in the body, a metabolic process)
  • Pubescent Angelica Root 独活
    Nourishes kidney meridian, and bladder meridian
  • Cnidium Root 川弓
    • Remove spleen dampness(湿气) and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation or irregular menstruation)
    • Soothes headaches and dysmenorrhea (severe menstrual pain)
  • Scented Rosewood 降香
    • Nourishes liver meridian and spleen meridian
    • Soothes stomach pain
    • Relieve heartache or pain

How does The Treatment work?

The Moxa-stick is burnt and placed into a Moxa-box, which generates heat and stimulates the acupressure and lymphatic target areas. This method does not come into contact with the skin, hence its safer and effective.

Treatment Is Unsuitable If You Have:

  • Pregnancy
  • Fever
  • Open Wounds or Infections
  • Heart Conditions, Cancer, Tumors, or Serious Illness
  • Menstruation
  • Post Surgery: Require Doctor’s Approval of at least 6 months

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