LED Light
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Utilizing light and wavelength therapy, this treatment stimulates cell regeneration and revitalizes muscle tone, effectively lifting the skin and enhancing its neurotic connections. By employing various wavelengths of light, it targets different skin layers, addressing a range of concerns including damage from sun ray penetration, which affects different layers differently. This tailored approach combats specific problems associated with sun damage, resulting in comprehensive skin rejuvenation and repair.

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Client Undergoing LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment

The Benefits

  • Epidermis (Top layer)
    – Cell renewal and re-nourishment through oxygenation
    – Detoxification
  • Dermis (Middle Layer between top exposed and muscles underneath)
    Fibroblast stimulation, which increases collagen production, restoring cell structure
  • Subcutaneous (Muscle Tissue)
    Restores muscle firmness and neurotic connection, thus creating a lifting and firming effect for muscle and skin layers above – prevents sagging and lifts skin

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