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Rapid Weight Loss
A close-up of a person leaning over a table with a concerned expression, with a salad bowl in front, indicating issues related to rapid weight loss.

Symptoms Of

Rapid Weight Loss

A significant and unintentional decrease in body weight over a relatively short period. Symptoms include rapid loss of muscle mass, fatigue, weakness, and huge loss in appetite. Causes can also include psychological factors like eating disorders, or stress.

Cause Of

Rapid Weight Loss
  • Chronic Stress or Anxiety: Prolonged stress or anxiety can affect appetite, digestion, and metabolism, leading to rapid weight loss. Cortisol can increase metabolic rate and suppress appetite.
  • Eating Disorders: Eating disorders, distorted body image, extreme dietary restrictions, purging food, and compulsive overeating can lead to unhealthy weight loss and serious medical complications.
  • Nutrition Deficiency: Extreme calorie restriction or weight loss goals deprives the body of essential nutrients and energy, potentially causing muscle loss, nutrient deficiencies, and metabolic slowdown.

Best Treatments For

Rapid Weight Loss
  • BS5 | Sauna Pod
  • G10 | Body Contour
  • P.R.Cell | Vacuum Massage
  • Health & Lifestyle Consultation