Menstruation & Menopause PROBLEMS

A mature woman sitting on a couch, holding her head with a concerned expression, depicting symptoms of menopause.

Symptoms Of


Menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles and fertility, typically around the age of 45 to 55. Signs include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and sleep disturbance. Menopause is a natural process caused by the decline in estrogen.

Cause Of

  • Hot Flashes: Sudden feelings of heat, often accompanied by sweating and flushing of the face and upper body.
  • Night Sweats: Episodes of excessive sweating during sleep, often accompanied by hot flashes.
  • Vaginal Dryness: A common symptom, a lack of lubrication in the vaginal tissues. It occurs due to declining estrogen levels, which can lead to thinning and drying of the vaginal walls.
  • Mood Changes: Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and depression, are common during menopause, due to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Weight Gain: Weight gain, particularly around the abdomen, hips, and thighs. It can occur due to hormonal changes, decreased metabolism, decreased muscle mass, changes in appetite.
  • Joint Pain: Joint pain, stiffness, or achiness, particularly in the hands, wrists, knees, or hips, can occur during menopause. It can occur due to hormonal changes, and decreased estrogen levels.

Best Treatments For

  • BS5 | Sauna Pod
  • G10 | Body Contour
  • P.R.Cell | Vacuum Massage
  • Health & Lifestyle Consultation